China’s 12-Point Plan for Peace in Ukraine: U.S. Monitoring Closely for Potential Lethal Aid to Russia

The United States is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine, as reports suggest that China may be considering providing lethal aid to Russia in its war against Ukraine. U.S. officials have not yet seen any evidence that China has provided such aid, but the Biden administration has warned that there would be serious consequences for such a move.[0]

China recently presented a 12-point plan for ending the war in Ukraine, which calls for formal respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty, protections for Ukrainian civilians, an end to interference with the flow of humanitarian aid, and condemnation of the possible use of nuclear weapons.[1] The proposal is also aligned with the economic interests of people worldwide, as it requests a halt to hostilities, the termination of sanctions, and the initiation of peace negotiations to reduce the strain on food and fuel costs.[2]

China's proposal for peace in Ukraine is being given serious consideration, and Kyiv has said they are open to considering some of these points.[3] However, any peace accord would have to involve the full withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.[1] There is also concern that China may be aiming to project itself as a player in a region in which it has had little influence, and that it would tilt the talks in favor of Russia.

The U.S. is wary of China's potential role in providing lethal aid to Russia, and the Biden administration has warned that there would be serious consequences for such a move. It remains to be seen whether China's proposal for peace in Ukraine will bring about an end to the conflict, or if it will instead provide an “off-ramp” for those on both sides of the Atlantic who question the wisdom of open-ended support for Ukraine.[2]

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