US Support of Ukraine in Conflict with Russia: A Year Later

One year after Russia's invasion of Ukraine sparked the largest conflict in Europe since World War II, the repercussions continue to reverberate around the world.[0] The war, which many thought would end in a matter of days, has dragged on and continues to cause economic hardship far from the epicenter of the fighting. In response, the US has pledged over $113 billion in aid to Ukraine, more than half of which has been in the form of military aid. This includes an array of conventional weapons, more advanced equipment, and modern weaponry.[1]

Western countries, led by the US, have been supporting Ukraine in the conflict, both financially and militarily. The US has provided Ukraine with financial aid, as well as weapons and equipment, and has also been a vocal political supporter. The US has also been encouraging other countries to assist Ukraine in the conflict, with NATO members and other European countries providing arms and training.

At the same time, Russia has been accusing the West of escalating the conflict and violating international law. The US has denied these claims and insists that it is only providing support to Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. Despite this, Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to keep up his disastrous fight indefinitely and may soon have more help from a powerful ally.[2]

The West must continue to support Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. For one, Ukraine matters to the West as an opportunity to demonstrate resolve against authoritarian expansion.[2] Additionally, the war has caused economic hardship far from the epicenter of the fighting, and a decisive Ukrainian victory is the only way to bring an end to the conflict.[0] Ukraine has continued to press for more sophisticated weapons and fighter jets, requests the US has denied previously.[3] President Joe Biden's surprise visit to Kyiv this week demonstrated robust American support for Ukraine, and the US must continue to provide military and political support for Ukraine to ensure a decisive victory.[4]

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