Russian Mercenary Group Threatens Withdrawal Unless Provided with Ammunition

The owner of the Wagner Group mercenary force fighting for Russia in Ukraine, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has threatened to withdraw his forces from the eastern city of Bakhmut unless the Russian military provides them with badly needed ammunition.[0] Wagner Group has been heavily involved in the fight for Bakhmut, where Russian and Ukrainian forces have clashed since the summer of 2022.[1] According to Prigozhin, one of the units of the Ministry of Defense fled from one of their flanks, abandoning their positions, which has left a front nearly 2 kilometers wide and 500 meters deep.[2] This comes amid reports of Ukrainian advances at front-line areas in eastern Ukraine and effective counterattacks by Ukrainian forces, which forced some Russian soldiers to retreat.[3] Prigozhin has also claimed that Ukrainian forces have been able to advance south of Bakhmut.[4] The catering tycoon had earlier published a video online that showed him standing in front of numerous dead bodies and shouting obscenities at Russia’s top military leadership, demanding they provide his forces with the ammo they need after months of heavy losses.

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