US and European Allies Voice Concern Over China’s Potential Aid to Russia in Ukraine

Western officials have raised concerns that China may be providing Russia with lethal military assistance, an accusation denied by Beijing. The U.S. believes China is considering sending lethal aid to Russia, which could have “serious consequences”. Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned on Sunday that Beijing is “considering providing lethal support to Russia in its aggression against Ukraine” and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg echoed that concern on Tuesday.

China has called for a cease-fire and peace talks in Ukraine on the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, but there is skepticism that Beijing would supply weapons to Moscow, given how it runs counter to Chinese interests. China has also repeated its calls for a political settlement to the Ukraine conflict, with President Xi Jinping saying in September that China is willing to make efforts with Russia to assume the role of great powers.

Meanwhile, Russia and China broadcast their friendship to the world on Wednesday as the West freaked out about the possibility of Beijing turning to arm Moscow’s troops in Ukraine.[0] Vladimir Putin said that strong Russia-China ties are “important for stabilizing the international situation,” and Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi clarified that their famous partnership “without limits” is not directed against any other nation.[0]

China has also released a position paper on ending the war that offered some reprieve to Moscow but was quickly dismissed by Kyiv’s allies. It warned “conflict and war benefit no one” and said everyone involved must “stay rational and exercise restraint”.[1] The text appears to be critical of the extensive economic sanctions placed on Russia by the US and other Western nations.[2]

U.S. officials have stated that the Biden administration is thinking of making public intelligence which indicates China is assessing the possibility of furnishing arms to help Russia's military conflict in Ukraine.[3] On February 3, 2023, a U.S. Air Force pilot glanced downward at an alleged Chinese reconnaissance balloon that was suspended in the sky above the Central United States.[4] Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, held a meeting with a high-ranking Chinese representative at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, as the discord between the two nations continues to increase due to the U.S. destruction of the supposed Chinese balloon this month.[5]

In conclusion, U.S. and European allies are concerned with China's potential to support Russia militarily in Ukraine.

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